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Course Material / Research Copyright Policy
Greenwich University solely owns its publications, content & material.


All material on any of our websites is, unless specified otherwise, copyright of Greenwich University and may not be reproduced without prior permission.

You may copy, print or download onto disc material for non-commercial use provided that any existing copyright or other intellectual property notices are retained.

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Course Materials Policy

Purpose and Scope

The Greenwich University Policy on Copyright Ownership governs works produced at, by, or through the Greenwich University. The purpose of this Policy on Ownership of Course Materials is to supplement the existing Copyright Ownership Policy by addressing copyright ownership issues related to materials prepared for instructional purposes.

For purposes of this Policy, the following definitions shall apply:

Course Materials

Materials prepared for use in teaching in any form, including, but not limited to,  digital, print, audio, visual, or any combination thereof. Course materials include, but are not limited to, lectures, lecture notes and materials, syllabi, study guides, bibliographies, visual aids, images, diagrams, multimedia presentations, webready content, and educational software.

Course Approval Documents

Documents submitted, reviewed and approved pursuant to applicable Academic Council regulations related to the approval of courses of instruction, typically consisting of a course description, a statement of learning objectives and a topical outline.

Designated Instructional Appointees

University employees who serve as Instructors and have a general obligation to produce course materials. Included are all members of the Academic Council and Professors. Appointees in other academic titles may also be designated by the Vice-Chancellor.

The following definitions from the Policy on Copyright Ownership are also



One who produces a work by his or her own intellectual labor. When there is more than one originator, the ownership of each originator's contribution shall be considered separately pursuant to this Policy.

University Facilities

Buildings, equipment, and other facilities under the control of the University, that are designated by the Vice-Chancellor, Registrar, or Deans as requiring an advance agreement, from non-University personnel and University personnel acting outside the scope of their employment, concerning the disposition of any copyrighted works that are originated with the use of these facilities. Such facilities normally include campus computer labs, course material and dissertation repositories.


Any copyrighted expression, including literary work (written lectures are included); musical work including any accompanying words; dramatic work, including any accompanying music; pantomimes and choreographic work; pictorial, graphic, and sculptural work; motion pictures and other audiovisual work; sound recordings; and computer software.

Ownership of Course Materials

Ownership of Course Materials Originated by Greenwich University. Except as provided below, ownership of the rights to Course Materials, including copyright, shall reside with the Designated Instructional Appointee who creates them. However, the University retains a fully paid-up, royalty-free, perpetual, and nonexclusive worldwide license to any Course Approval Documents for the purpose of continuing to teach the course of instruction for which the documents were prepared, with the non-exclusive right to revise and update them as required for this purpose.

Ownership of Course Materials that constitute Personal Works, Student Works, Sponsored Works, Commissioned Works, or Contracted Facilities Works are defined in and shall be governed Ownership of the rights to Course Materials created, in whole or in part, by Designated Instructional Appointees with the use of University Resources shall be governed by a written agreement entered into between the Originator(s) and the University. The agreement shall specify how rights will be owned and controlled and how any revenues will be divided if the materials are commercialized.

Vice-Chancellor and Deans manage University Resources under their control. Vice-Chancellor shall develop campus policies and procedures to assist campus resource managers to determine when Exceptional University Resources are involved and will assess the need for an agreement prior to the commitment of resources to a project to which this provision might apply. The University may at any time request a new agreement, or renegotiation of an existing agreement, as a condition for the subsequent allocation or continuation of University Resources provided to Designated Instructional Appointees. In the absence of an agreement, course materials will not be deemed as created with the use of Exceptional University Resources, and ownership of these materials shall be governed by this Policy.

To promote increased University-wide understanding of the evolving circumstances of the use of University resources in instruction, copies of all agreements for Course Materials created with the use of Exceptional University Resources shall be filed.

Jointly Originated Works.

Ownership of rights to Course Materials that are created by the intellectual labor of more than one person shall be owned jointly, pursuant to the provisions of the Policy on Copyright Ownership. If Course Materials are created jointly, ownership of those contributions of Designated Instructional Appointee(s) shall be governed by this Policy, and the contribution of others shall be governed by the Policy on Copyright Ownership. Ownership of the rights to jointly originated Works shall be determined by separately assessing the Category of Work of each Originator pursuant to the Policy on Copyright Ownership.

Standing Committee on Copyright

To promote University wide consistency in the interpretation of this Policy and provide a means for the University to gain the benefit of the regularly review implementation of this Policy and the agreements on Course Materials created with the use of University Resources. The Committee will make recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor for policy revisions or implementation guidelines that may be needed to achieve these purposes.


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